Jumpingpound Creek Flood Recovery and Erosion Control

Project Description

We worked closely with the Town of Cochrane to conduct a study of erosion and flood mitigation on Jumpingpound Creek from George Fox Trail Bridge to its confluence with the Bow River. The project was triggered by the June, 2013 flooding that occurred in Bow River basin, which resulted in significant erosion and accumulated debris on the banks of the Creek.

The study included updates to the Creek’s estimated 1:100 year frequency flood discharge to account for the 2013 event, survey of the Creek and floodplain, development of a hydraulic model of the creek in HEC-RAS, preliminary design of erosion and flood protection measures, and cost-benefit analyses. Funding was obtained in March, 2014 for the detailed design and construction of the proposed works, which included approximately 460 m of vegetated riprap along the Creek’s banks; a 160 m long flood protection berm along the east bank of the Creek, immediately downstream of the bridge and debris removal along the east bank of the Creek.


Town of Cochrane, AB

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