Kamloops Wastewater Treatment Centre

Project Description

Growth within the City and changing provincial/federal regulations led the City of Kamloops to examine ways to
upgrade their sewage treatment centre. We helped complete a scientific Environmental Impact Study, which concluded that 1.5 mg/L is an ecologically appropriate level. This change alone was estimated to save the City $42.5 M, based on a 20 year life cycle analysis. The planning and design extended over a 14 year period, led by Urban Systems. The design includes the combination of lagoons (the simplest method of treatment) with biological nutrient removal (the most complex method of treatment). The combination of unit processes, makes these upgrades unique in the world.

The project was completed under budget and only three months beyond the City’s preferred timeline. Effluent quality discharged to the Thompson River is exceeding regulatory requirements. We are proud and honoured to have received the 2015 ACEC Award of Excellence for our involvement in this project.


The City of Kamloops, BC


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