Kelowna’s Birkdale Park and Adventure Playground

Project Description

On every scale, Birkdale Park connects the user to and celebrates the rugged elegance of the arid Okanagan landscape. The undulating landforms in the new park reflect the glacier-sculpted character of the surrounding hills. Tall native bunch grasses are placed to subtly encourage visitors to remain on the paths that lead them through thoughtfully sequenced experiences. Carefully selected nodes offer the visitor delightful positions from which to enjoy the strategically framed scenic views. Intentionally placed native rocks and boulders anchor the adventure playground, seating features, and edge details, contributing to a powerful sense of “place” and belonging to the land. One-of-a-kind wood play sculptures bring the play environment to life with a sense of warmth and forest magic. Birkdale Park is anything but boring, everything but common, and represents site-specific design at its best.


City of Kelowna, BC

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