Kingston Pedestrian Monitoring Study

Project Description

KFL&A Public Health and the City of Kingston initiated the Pedestrian Monitoring Study to build on the findings of the 2013 Canada Walks Walk Friendly Ontario report and to help inform the development of a future Pedestrian Master Plan. In advance of developing a Pedestrian Master Plan, KFL&A Public Health initiated the 2014 Pedestrian Monitoring Study as a preliminary step to gain a better understanding of the state of walking in Kingston. The Pedestrian Monitoring Study includes an assessment of the current state of walking throughout the entire municipality of Kingston, but with a primary focus on the area within the established urban boundary.

The study provides a comprehensive review and assessment of the available information and data on travel patterns, infrastructure, and programming that influence walkability in the urban area. By undertaking this work in advance of the Pedestrian Master Plan, the city is able to identify key pedestrian issues and improvement opportunities within the urban area that can inform the development of the future Pedestrian Master Plan.

Another key purpose of this report is to provide baseline indicators within five key walking metric areas. Overall, these metrics serve to provide a snapshot of the state of walking in Kingston, through describing walking activity, the extent of the pedestrian infrastructure, key safety indicators, and walking-related programming currently in place.


City of Kingston, Ontario


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