Landslide Investigation – District of Peachland

Project Description

In January 2017 a landslide occurred within the District of Peachland on Renfrew Road, which parallels Highway 97 adjacent to Okanagan Lake. The slide caused debris to fall onto the Highway 97 corridor, completely blocking the southbound lane and resulting in a temporary highway closure. The District of Peachland contacted Urban Systems to assist on a technical and strategic level.

Urban Systems investigated the cause of the slide, and due to inaccessibility, used drone services to survey the damage and the source or seeping groundwater. Within very short turnaround time, the detailed UAV data provided valuable information for effective and efficient cost-estimating and an appropriate level of risk transfer between the owner and the construction contractor. Specifically, the UAV played a significant role in the following aspects:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Rebuild plan
  • Quick response
  • Project coordination
  • Accurate cost estimate
  • Cost saving


District of Peachland

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