Livability Accord for High Growth Communities

Project Description

The highest growth communities of the Lower Mainland are projected to accommodate an additional half million people over the next 25 or so years. Urban Systems led the Mayors and City Managers group through a process from defining issues and challenges to identifying foundation ingredients for the long-term success of the communities. The Plan developed key initiatives focused on:

  • Expanded investments in transit and transportation infrastructure and enhanced land use plans
  • ƒEffective strategies for communities to work with the Province on areas of shared jurisdiction
  • Examined new revenue sources for local governments

Other project highlights

-Planning design workshop that engaged City Managers, Mayors and Councils in discussions designed to develop a strategy that recognized and provided directions to address each of the strategic issues.

-Transit and Transportation plans were a central theme to support and shape growth in each of the communities.

-Land use plans designed to support more compact, denser transit-oriented development patterns were needed to accelerate rapid transit investments and to better manage investments in soft and hard infrastructure

-Community policies that outline integrated strategies for shared municipal, provincial and federal responsibilities
such as in: social housing; homelessness; integration of new Canadians; crime/addiction and drug use; environmental protection; and economic development.

– Expanded funding sources for local government and provincial agencies to more effectively coordinate spending on growing urban area challenges such as safety, housing and social programs and services.


Cities of Surrey, Coquitlam, and Abbotsford. Township of Langley


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