Lonsdale Quay Properties Seabus Development

Project Description

Urban Systems worked with TransLink to assess development opportunities and conduct conceptual site planning for the Londsdale Quay Properties owned by TransLink in the City of North Vancouver. With future upgrades to the SeaBus birth and bus exchange facilities on the horizon, TransLink has identified an opportunity to integrate the two intermodal transit modes (bus and SeaBus) with the surrounding waterfront land uses. Recognizing the inherent redevelopment potential of the site, TransLink engaged Urban Systems to prepare preliminary site plan concepts, assess site servicing and access considerations, review a facility needs assessment, and to identify land exchange and consolidation opportunities. Urban Systems determined that significant development potential exists on the TransLink site and that City policy would support large-scale redevelopment of the site. TransLink is now working with the City in realizing the vision that has been established for the site in its Official Community Plan. Significant value capture opportunities were identified through the conceptual planning process, along with opportunities to improve waterfront access and capitalize on the underused water lot.



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