Maplewood Employment Lands Strategy

Project Description

Within the context of a region-wide shortage of lands for employment growth, the District of North Vancouver commissioned this analysis to examine the potential for inclusion of lands for major employment uses within the Maplewood Neighbourhood Plan area. The Maplewood employment lands analysis included the following elements:

  • A quantitative assessment of demand for employment lands in the District of North Vancouver overall, and in Maplewood particularly, based on a projection of employment growth by industry sector. This analysis included detailed review of Metro Vancouver’s employment growth projections, as well as interviews with major land holders and employers.
  • A qualitative assessment of Maplewood’s employment opportunities, based on a comprehensive stakeholder interview process.
  • Analysis of the demand for accessory retail space within a future employment ‘node’.
  • A discussion of design, planning and regulatory considerations required to best position Maplewood to meet the District’s employment objectives.


District of North Vancouver


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