Mistawasis First Nation Traditional Knowledge Study

Project Description

Urban Systems Ltd. partnered with Mistawasis First Nation to undertake a traditional knowledge and environmental study to help inform decisions on land use and economic development opportunities. An overarching goal of the project was to increase cultural awareness and support land use planning through the compilation and sharing of traditional knowledge. The deliverables for this program, which include traditional knowledge mapping and reporting, will be utilized to refine environmental management objectives and establish targets for reaching those objectives.

During this study, Urban Systems facilitated traditional knowledge sharing sessions and conducted a baseline environmental field program. The analysis and presentation of traditional knowledge was carried out using a GIS mapping software package.

Key information sources included a document review, field reconnaissance, traditional knowledge focus groups, and community engagement sessions. Information was coded and grouped according to traditional themes (e.g., fishing, special gathering, spiritual places, etc.). High resolution orthographic photography helped enable the accurate identification and locating of features during the engagement sessions and field program.

By synthesizing the knowledge gained, this study will help Mistawasis First Nation implement and refine the objectives and targets identified in their Environmental Management Plan, and reduce the environmental impacts to the health and safety of the community. The traditional knowledge mapping and reporting produced from this study will be utilized by Mistawasis to help guide land use planning and management decision-making.


Mistawasis First Nation

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