Moir Gravel Pit Redevelopment Plan

Project Description

Moir Gravel Pit has been an operating gravel pit within the City of Cranbrook for a number of years and is nearing the limits of the possible extraction of the gravel resource. The City has taken a proactive approach to the management of the gravel pit in the coming years, and has engaged the Urban Systems team to identify the remaining volume of aggregate that can be extracted from this site, and create a redevelopment plant that envisions the site’s future as a community park.

This mine redevelopment plan involved collaboration with mine operators with a vision toward achieving a future park. The park design addresses site circulation, park amenities, ecological restoration, site servicing, and the creation of a large central lake with innovative water treatment. Design elements are informed by the principles of universal accessibility, user safety, water quality, environmental responsibility, as well as cultural and community enhancement. Urban Systems has completed the preliminary design and redevelopment plan, collaborating with City personnel, and others to deliver the phase 1 detailed design. This redevelopment plan presents a attractive, and practical design that will meet diverse needs and promote community health and neighborhood unity.

A 3D animation was created by Loris Paoletich to help demonstate how redevelopment could help regenerate the area.


City of Cranbrook, BC

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