Municipal Incorporation Studies – Barriere and Clearwater

Project Description

We completed an impartial, technical review of the impacts of municipal incorporation for study committees in Barriere and Clearwater. In both communities, Urban Systems facilitated regular study committee meetings and community meetings to review study findings, including service delivery impacts, financial impacts, political representation impacts, and impacts to previously existing organizations such as the Clearwater Improvement District. As part of these assignments, we also completed road condition assessments in order to better understand the potential liabilities that would be taken on if responsibility for roads would be transferred from the Province to new municipalities.

Following the completion of the technical studies, Urban Systems facilitated community engagement processes in Barriere and Clearwater to provide background information on the potential impacts of a change in local government structure. This information was used to inform local property owners and residents, who ultimately had the final say on whether to proceed with municipal incorporation. Incorporation votes were held in both communities in June 2007, resulting in the creation of two of British Columbia’s newest municipalities.


The District of Barriere and the District of Clearwater


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