Nordstrom Floor Flatness

Project Description

Seattle-based Nordstrom Inc. planned to open a Nordstrom Rack at Deerfoot Meadows shopping center in Calgary, Alberta. The approximately 30,500 sq. ft. store needed a major renovation to refresh the existing layouts and meet new operations standards. Before the renovation began, both the owner and the contractor brought in Urban Systems to understand the current state of floor flatness in order to determine the repair plan.

In this situation, and since understanding the flatness of the entire floor was essential for the repair plan, we employed a High Definition 3D laser scanner, capable of measuring large areas with millimeter spacing. In this situation, the gathered information was analyzed to measure floor flatness.

The comprehensive and accurate data provided critical information for understanding the floor flatness and identifying problematic areas. Specifically, the service provided values in the following aspects:

  • Reliable floor profiles analysis (Profiles of the entire floor)
  • Comprehensive elevation information (Elevation map and contours)
  • Repeatability (Local coordinate system)
  • Numerical analysis (Export the elevation at grid points)
  • Measuring errors display (Ortho)
  • Added values (TruView)
  • Client

    Ledcor Group of Companies


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