North Courtenay Connector – Tsolum River Hydrotechnical Analysis

Project Description

In collaboration with the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) we provided engineering consulting services for the concept design and subsequent functional design for the North Courtenay Connector. This work involved hydraulic analysis and floodplain modeling for the removal of the existing Rees Bridge and the design of the new North Courtenay Connector Bridge over the Tsolum River in the City of Courtenay, BC.

We performed an existing conditions analysis to establish hydraulic parameters to ensure best fit with the existing flood studies conducted in 2015. Additionally, a future conditions model with bridge and roadway embankment geometry was created to confirm minimum bridge span and freeboard elevation. Bridge scour computations were performed and scour counter-measure design was completed. Roadway relief culverts were sized in order to maintain existing flood elevations in addition to the design of a fish passage friendly culvert west of the bridge. Floodplain delineation was also updated at the new bridge location.


BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

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