PlanWhyte Market Study

Project Description

Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue, south of downtown and located within the historic Strathcona neighbourhood, is an area of historic buildings, traditional streetscapes, diversity of business, and unique aesthetics. In re-cent years, portions of the neighbourhood have seen a surge in development interest, accelerating the area’s transition from one geared to providing local goods and services, to a region-serving entertainment, dining, shop-ping and leisure destination. It is also emerging as a destination for performing arts and theatre, lounges, fine dining, and boutique retail.

Within this context, the City sought a comprehensive retail, residential and office market and financial analysis for the corridor to support a land use planning and visioning exercise. The analysis explores what opportunities exist today, and what might exist in 5-year intervals over the next 30 years, in terms of development both within and outside of the area’s heritage core. The study includes identification of opportunities for infill development, for land use types/mixes that will support and reinforce the area’s character, and identification/analyses of market and financial rationale for intensification across a spectrum of complementary land uses along the corridor.


City of Edmonton


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