Saskatoon’s Transit System Plan

Project Description

As part of the City’s long-term plan for growth – Growth Plan for Half a Million, The Transit System Plan is designed to address many of the foundational needs for the customer that will enhance the experience once they are at the transit system and travelling to their destination. For Saskatoon, this includes:

  • Moving toward a broader range of services that will be designed to better suit varying customer needs for local travel within a neighbourhood or longer distance between communities. For local transit to be attractive, smaller buses that minimize walking distance will help improve access to key trip generators within a community. For longer distance travel, transit must be direct, frequent and relatively fast to discourage people from driving.
  • A clear transit structure that outlines which corridors the most attractive serves will operate in the long-term overlaid with neighbourhood services based on planned changes in land use and growth in travel.
  • An assessment of rapid transit to serve the major transit customer markets with frequent and reliable services and attractive facilities that will support growing transit travel in dedicated travel lanes where necessary to improve transit travel times relative to driving.
  • Client

    City of Saskatoon, SK


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