Sheep River Flood Recovery and Resilience Program

Project Description

Flooding in June of 2013 caused significant damage in the Town of Black Diamond especially to property on or near the banks of the Sheep River. Due to a positive ongoing relationship, Urban Systems was chosen to lead the Flood Recovery and Mitigation Program on behalf of the Town. Urban Systems has been working diligently with the Town on a flood recovery and mitigation plan to repair damage and protect from future flood events.

In Spring 2014 a new berm was successfully installed upstream of Highway 22 prior to any flood risk from spring runoff. Our environmental team was heavily integrated into the planning, design, and construction phases of the new flood protection berm. This allowed efficient communication of design and construction intricacies to environmental regulators during the environmental permitting process.

We prepared environmental assessments and permit applications, consulted with regulators, and provided environmental monitoring services to help guide the construction for avoidance of impacts to fish, wildlife, and aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

As the flood recovery process continues in Black Diamond, Urban Systems continues to provide engineering and environmental support. Close integration of the environmental services team ensures that project planning, design, and construction are conducted without residual impacts to the environment or delays due to unforeseen regulatory requirements.


Town of Black Diamond, Alberta

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