The Village of Fruitvale: Environmental Impact Study of Effluent Release to Beaver Creek

Project Description

Urban Systems has worked with the Village of Fruitvale to assess the impacts of effluent discharge on Beaver Creek which is known to have multiple uses including recreation and fisheries. An environmental impact study was completed to identify effluent quality to protect public health and the environment. The study provided an effluent quality target for the Village and provided recommendations on how to achieve this effluent quality.

Considerations were also given to the potential for effluent release as a stream augmentation and the potential influence of exotic organics such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) can have on the receiving environment.

The successful completion of the environmental impact study resulted in the completion of upgrades to the outfall and the initiation of the predesign engineering study for the improvement of the Village’s wastewater treatment process. Upgrades are scheduled for the site and the first phase of upgrades will be completed in 2015. The completion of the upgrades has required substantial consultation with the BC Ministry of Environment and the Village of Fruitvale.


Village of Fruitvale, BC


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