Tobiano Resort Community

Project Description

Tobiano is a premier golf resort community located on Kamloops Lake west of Kamloops, BC. As part of a broad multi-disciplinary team, Urban Systems provided substantial services to integrate and realize opportunities for landscape, neighbourhood and site enhancement within the scope of a $25 million servicing and site development project. Specific services included:
• site planning and design for golf clubhouse and maintenance yard site including building locations, circulation, parking, grading and resolution of golf, event and food service area functions;
• streetscape planning and design including stamped coloured concrete parking zones, drought tolerant plant selection and ornamental streetlight selection;
• connectivity plan including sidewalks, golf course paths, waterfront and ravine paths and equestrian trails;
• site wide sign program including resolution of highway signage and custom site and facility identification signs;
• designing a water treatment plant that operates with minimal operator requirements;
• preliminary and detailed design of realignment and improvement on a section of the Trans Canada Highway which included the creation of a multi-plate underpass, drainage system, street lighting, signing and pavement marking; and
• landscape restoration including highway roadside, reservoir and sewage treatment plant sites, earthwork and drainage areas.


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