Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics Capital and DCC Courses

Project Description

Urban Systems prepared two courses for the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics:

The Capital Infrastructure and Debenture Financing course is about using long term debenture financing as a tool to provide local government infrastructure. It focuses on the regulatory requirements related to long term debentures in the First Nation Fiscal and Statistical Management Act, and presents best practices in economic, capital and financial planning. In particular, the course is about the legal, planning and policy requirements established by First Nations Finance Authority, the First Nation Tax Commission, the First Nations Statistics Institute and the First Nations Financial Management Board.

The Development Cost Charges course is about developing a fair and transparent development cost charge (DCC) system for First Nations or local governments. It focuses on creating DCC systems under the authority of the First Nation Fiscal and Statistical Management Act and First Nation Tax Commission procedures and standards related to DCCs. It presents DCC best practices throughout Canada.


Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics

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