Community Energy Solutions

Community Energy Solutions

Our integrated approach to identifying solutions for our clients sets us apart from the competition.

Urban Systems has a breadth and depth of expertise in supporting the development and implementation of clean energy project, energy related policies, resource sharing agreements, energy management and greenhouse gas emissions management plans for provincial, local and First Nation government clients.
Our work in providing community energy solutions is grounded in research and analysis to understand and assess both the technical and economic potential of each solution.
Our practice is based on five key themes, which include:

  • Helping our clients understand and transition to ever-evolving energy technologies and markets;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a cost-effective manner;
  • Developing integrated, long-term solutions to support energy security and sustainability;
  • Maximizing the longevity and efficiency of our clients’ built and natural assets; and
  • Enhancing our clients’ capacity to develop tangible solutions that help meet their desired outcomes.

This approach leads to the development of innovative ideas and actions that support our clients’ goals and objectives.

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