3D Laser Scanning Services

3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a series of reflective lasers.

Our laser scanner measures 3D coordinates of up to one million points per second from the surfaces of an object, bringing objects’ exact shape and size into an accurate digital 3D representation.

Urban Systems has been providing 3D laser scanning services since 2014. As a powerful add-on to our over 75 years of combined professional surveying experience, laser scanning captures highly detailed 3D information, more cost effectively, comprehensively, accurately, and safely than conventional measuring techniques. In architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, our workflow includes site topographic mapping, volume calculation, BIM modeling, MEP modeling, clash detection, construction inspection, and construction layout. Our goal is to extract desirable information and create deliverables based on clients’ needs, ultimately helping improve their workflow and end product. Our team consists of land surveyors, 3D modeling experts, Geomatics engineers, and GIS specialists. Our extensive real world experience enables us to deliver the best project-specific solutions.

Our service areas in British Columbia include; Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Victoria, and Fort St. John. In Alberta our service area includes; Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Cold Lake and Fort McMurray. We have recently begun offering our services in Saskatchewan. We are always eager to work with new clients and if you are located in an area not mentioned previously feel free to contact jdou@urbansystems.ca

Our Deliverables

Point Cloud

We manipulate point cloud data utilizing various tools. Point cloud from different phases of projects can be registered, georeferenced, rendered, cleaned, sliced, and decimated into displayable, portable, and readable formats for clients.

File formats:

  • .ptz/.ptg gridded binary file
  • .ptx gridded Ascii file
  • .pts/.xyz non-gridded Ascii file
  • .LAS/.LAZ non-gridded binary file
  • .coe (Cyclone Object Exchange)
  • .rcp /.rcs (Recap indexed format)


TruView is a web-based panoramic point cloud viewer, which allows access from everywhere in the world for professionals without having to be an expert in laser scanning. It presents panoramic images embedded with point cloud measurements, which enable users to not only view the site in a photo-like environment, but also take accurate measurements naturally and intuitively.
File format: .html


A well-designed Fly-through point cloud video can be an invaluable marketing tool as it allows the viewers to visit the whole site virtually. We customize the Fly-through for every individual client with clean point cloud and carefully planned flying trajectory to maximize its marketing effectiveness.
File format: .avi
This video is a point cloud fly-through of Brentwood Mall in Calgary. A Leica P20 was used to capture the 3D information of this site. The 1,311,209 square feet shopping center was laser scanned with 37 setups. Leica Cyclone was used to register and geo-reference the data, then create a unified point cloud. The unified point cloud consists of 117,125,037 points.


With the comprehensive information represented by point cloud data, we are able to create 2D and 3D drawings of site plan and floor plan in a more efficient manner. Furthermore, objects (i.e., tree centers, power lines, river banks, etc.) that are inapproachable or require tremendous work to measure can be accurately modeled and drawn in CAD environment.
1st Place Winner for Civil/Survey, Reality Capture Plan Contest,Learn more HERE
File formats: .dxf, .dwg, .pdf

Building Information Modeling

Having a means to capture 3D digital data of as-built buildings can be a tremendous time saver when it comes to BIM modeling. We create 3D architectural models for interior design, structural design, MEP design, construction documentation, and heritage preserves. The deliverables are importable into either AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor environments, upon the requests of clients.
File format: .rcp, .rcs, .dxf, .dwg

Clash Detection

The digital database of the entire interior provides extremely useful information both for design and during construction. We apply clash detection to detect the interference and clearance between the 3D model and the reality represented by point cloud. During preconstruction, the results enable architects or mechanical engineers to adjust the designed model according to as-built condition. During construction, the results allow contractors to correct potential clash issues before fabrication or installation of new construction, saving time and money.

Clash Detection, Urban Systems kitchen, Edmonton

Surface Mesh

3D surface meshing is a very quick way to create Digital Terrain Model and Contours. We produce 3D meshes with customized sample grids of point cloud according to the accuracy requirements.
File format: .dxf, .dwg, .msh

3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Contours
(generated from Laser scanner, conventional survey, and Lidar), Trinity Hills, Calgary


The large number of high accuracy measurements enables precise calculation in a very efficient way. Our experienced surveying team provides Volume calculation, Clearance calculation, Surface analysis, and Floor Flatness.

Volume Calculation

Volume Calculation of stock piles, Cochrane, Alberta

Clearance Calculation

Clearance, east of the Urban Systems office, Edmonton

Surface Analysis

The deviation between a Revit geometry and the point cloud can be calculated to graphically understand the differences. Statistical reports are also available to help interpret the accuracy of your model.

Surface analysis, front door of the Urban Systems building, Edmonton

Floor Flatness

Floor Flatness is calculated with grids as small as per millimeter. An elevation map will be presented together with elevation grids as the end deliverables.

Floor elevation map, Manhattan Building parkade, Edmonton

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