Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) Services

UAV technology is a cost and time efficient solution that captures accurate georeferenced aerial imagery and video to be used in a variety of practices.

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Urban Systems’ is a certified National Compliant UAV operator. Our UAV Operations Manual and Standard Procedures has also been approved by Transport Canada for operations over unsecured areas–places where the general public, spectators, roads with active traffic, and open-air assembly of persons are present. This significantly improves the feasibility and efficiency of projects involving active roads, people, or vehicles.

UAV technology is a time and cost-efficient solution to capture up-to-date and accurate georeferenced aerial imagery and video. The deliverables can then be used in a variety of ways including mapping, terrain analysis, inspection, and marketing. Clients benefit from quick access to precise data that would otherwise not be easily accessible without having to rely on heavy equipment or deploying personnel onsite for several days. In addition, UAV technology eliminates some of the risks to inspection staff inherent in traditional methods, like assessing hazardous areas – areas affected by natural disasters – or roadside inspections along highway corridors.

Collaborating with experts from Urban Systems’ multi-disciplinary teams such as transportation, land development, graphic designing, GIS, community planning, civil engineering, environment, landscape architecture, and land surveying, our UAV services are specialized in the following applications:


  • Marketing Video Production
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Aerial Mapping/Topographic Survey
  • Volume Calculation
  • Emergency Response
  • Inspection (highway, road, building, site, bridge)
  • Highway/Road Survey
  • Construction Progress Monitor
  • Traffic Study
  • Community 3D Modeling

Deliverables can include:

4K Video and Animation



Aerial Imagery


Point Cloud

Point cloud is generated from aerial imagery to extract further deliverables such as contours, surfaces, and orthomosaic graphics.



3D Modelling

Peachland landslide – 3D Model

Other 3D models can be found at our Urban Systems profile

Volume Calculation

Compared to conventional methods, UAV volumetric surveying has proven to be an efficient, accurate, and reliable option.

Equipped with modern photogrammetry and navigation technologies, the UAV captures highly detailed shape of the stockpiles with centimeter level measuring density.

Utilizing either quad-copter or fixed-wing airframes, time spent in the field is significantly reduced as compared to GNSS or total station techniques.


Stockpile calculation presented in 3D model format.


Site orthomosaics can be imported into a GIS system for asset management and measurements. In addition, a KML file can be delivered for use within Google Earth.


Digital Terrain/Surface Model (DTM/DSM)

Elevation information can be extracted and delivered as a Digital Surface/Terrain Model (DSM/DTM). The surfaces and contours can be further delivered as a geo-referenced drawing which can then be used to form base or site plans.

Urban Systems-TopographicSurvey


TruView is a web-based panoramic point cloud viewer, which allows remote access via the Internet. It enables the users to not only view the site in a photo-like environment, but also take accurate measurements intuitively. The markups and hot-link functions provide the entire team effective tools for project coordination and property management.





CAD Drawings


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