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Penticton Task Force banks on housing to close its affordability gap.

Urban Matters CCC is collaborating with the City of Penticton, BC, to explore how a mid-sized community in Canada might approach the challenging issue of affordable housing. Access to affordable housing is foundational to the health, well being and economic prosperity of any community; while trends suggest that it is increasingly distant for many Canadians. There is growing recognition that a lack of access to affordable housing is linked to a host of social challenges that many communities face; including homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, unemployment and under-employment.


The City of Penticton is engaging with a cross-sectoral table of community housing providers; actively working through the potential range of levers at its disposal, as well as the new levers that need to be developed, in an effort to affect sustainable and measurable change. Urban Matters CCC is facilitating the process and benchmarking the learning and innovation as a means to scale the dialogue to other mid-sized and smaller communities. Early lessons include recognition that ‘City Hall cannot tackle this issue alone’, and a broad coalition of community-focused actors are emerging to support the initiative.

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