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CNAM Presentation – The Implementation Challenge: Why Asset Management Plans Sit on the Shelf, May 17

Urban-Systems-CNAM-postOur own Brittney Dawney and John Weninger will be presenting alongside Hakim Bismel from the Township of Langley at the 11th Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) Conference in Calgary. The conference will deliver leading edge professional development, idea sharing and networking opportunities with your peers and government leaders to help municipalities of all sizes extend the framework, vision and implementation of their asset management programs.

The Implementation Challenge: Why Asset Management Plans Sit on the Shelf

Brittney Dawney
When: Wednesday, May 17, 10 AM – 12 PM
Presenters: Brittney Dawney, Strategic Planner and Engineer
John Weninger, P.Eng, MBA, Financial Sustainability Strategist
Hakim Bismel, CFP, CPA, CGA, Township of Langley
As awareness grows of the importance of asset management in sustainable service delivery, many local governments have or are in the process of developing asset management policies, strategies and plans. However, local governments often struggle to implement them, and many strategic documents end up sitting on the shelf. Years later, they are revisited, a gap analysis is conducted, new recommendations are made, and the
John Weninger
implementation challenge continues. The question is: Why? Asset management is typically viewed as a technical problem, and indeed, this is true for many pieces of the asset management pie: for example, inventorying assets, assessing risk, defining levels of service, and establishing funding mechanisms. Because these pieces are complicated, local governments often engage technical experts to undertake analyses and develop recommendations. This results in outcomes for the local government that are technically sound but do not reflect what successful implementation relies upon: the organization’s unique culture. This includes the values and behaviours of the people responsible for implementation, and the complex systems in which those people are working together.
Hakim Bismel

To view the conference schedule visit the CNAM website.

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