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The Winnipeg Pedestrian and Cycling Strategy wins a 2016 CIP Award of Excellence

We are very humbled and honoured to have been awarded a Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) Award for Planning Excellence. We worked with the City of Winnipeg to create a Pedestrian and Cycling Strategy, which won this year’s award in the Sustainable Mobility, Transportation, and Infrastructure Category. We would also like to thank and recognize our sub-consultants who played very important roles on this project; Alta Planning + Design, Copenhagenize Consulting, Freig and Associates, MORR Transportation Consulting, and Prairie Research Associates.

The CIP awards committee provided the following statement from the jury offering why this plan stood out:

“Walking, cycling, and a winter city may appear disparate. Yet Winnipeg’s Pedestrian and Cycling Strategy offers a well-researched and presented all season active transportation plan. The compendium of best practices, drawing from research and implementation, provides an accessible reference. The strategy does an excellent job of linking existing transportation plans, area plans, and challenges facing a ‘winter city’ with sustainable mobility policies. Directions emerged from, and were vetted through, a collaborative planning process. Goals and actions are well organized and linked to ongoing roles for the City and public. Cost implications, phasing, and assigning responsibilities offer a practical path to implementation. The ‘tool kit’ of ideas and actions offers a transferrable model for other cities.”


Project Summary

In 2015, the City of Winnipeg adopted its first ever Pedestrian and Cycling Strategy, which provided a bold vision and comprehensive policy framework for active modes of transportation in Winnipeg over the next 20 years and beyond. 

The Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies are intended to encourage walking and cycling as attractive, convenient and accessible transportation choices for people of all ages and abilities in Winnipeg. This strategy lead to a healthier, more livable community with social, environmental, land use and economic benefits for all. 

The Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies are a foundational document for the City. Not only will it change how people move in Winnipeg, but it will also transform Winnipeg into a city that is more livable, vibrant, and healthy. The resulting document is among the most visionary and comprehensive plans to enable active transportation that has been developed in Canada. It has the potential to lead to transformative, lasting solutions that shifts away from single-occupancy vehicle use and towards more active and sustainable forms of transportation. 

The Strategies also go well beyond providing active transportation infrastructure, but outline all aspects of city-building that are required to truly create a walkable and bicycle-friendly city. Through the implementation of the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies, the City can work towards its vision of being one of the world’s leading winter cities for active transportation.

The award will be handed out in early July at CIP’s Annual Conference in Quebec City.


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