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This week is CMHA’s Mental Health Week

What is Mental Health Week?

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) introduced Mental Health Week (MHW) in 1951 to raise awareness of mental illness inCanada. Held during the first full week in May, MHW is now a popular awareness week. Our provincial offices and branches, for instance, hold MHW events and activities in hundreds of community locations across Canada. MHW offers millions of Canadians practical ways to maintain and improve their mental health.

And every year, CMHA selects a specific group of Canadians to focus on during MHW. This year, we
are paying special attention to the mental health of older Canadians because seniors are a vulnerable
and under-treated group.

Urban Systems is proud to be involved in this very important initiative. Across the organization we’ve hosted a lunch and learn series called ‘Noon Hour For Mental Health’ where a member of the CMHA discusses various mental heath issues with staff throughout our office network. We are committed to creating a mentally healthy environment for all of our employees. These lunchtime sessions have been recently reference in the latest Great Place to Work newsletter.
During MHW, CMHA also encourages all Canadians to reflect on their own attitudes towards people living with mental health issues. Reducing discrimination and stigma is paramount, so that people
with mental health issues no longer feel shame due to mental illness and will no longer think twice
about getting the support and help they need.
CMHA, is proud to be the organization that started this tradition. And we’re proud that Canadians have embraced it.

GET LOUD for Mental Health

We are asking Canadians again this year to join us to GET LOUD for Mental Health. “Getting loud” means speaking up to stop the discrimination and the stigma that often go hand in hand with mental illness. It means taking action and using your voice to raise awareness and build support. For someone at work. For someone at home. For yourself.

We are all working hard to overcome stigma. But there is much more work to do. Our hope is that
every one of us will GET LOUD. Let’s GET LOUD to maintain positive mental health. Let’s GET LOUD to get it back. Because the louder we all get, the bigger the difference we will make. And there’s a lot of difference to be made.


If you have further questions about Mental Health Week, please email info@cmha.ca


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