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Urban Systems Major Sponsor of Upcoming Engineers Without Borders Conference in Montreal

Urban Systems in collaboration with Urban Matters is proud to be a major sponsor of the 3-day 2015 Engineers Without Borders (EWB) National Conference “Unite to Unlock” beginning in Montreal today. There are five streams to the conference, but all focus around the common theme of systems change.


Jody Rechenmacher and Ken Gauthier from Urban Matters, a registered Community Contribution Company, are attending the event will be hosting a short discussion introducing Urban Matters to attendees. We chatted with Jody about what she hopes to achieve at the conference.

“We’re really looking forward to networking with organizations, speakers and facilitators,” she says. “We want to find people who would be good partners for upcoming projects and learn about what people are doing in the world of systems change.”

Jody explains that Engineers Without Borders is very active in the world of systems change. Whether it’s international development in Africa, natural resource extraction systems, governance systems in Canada or a plethora of other issues, they are plugged in and very much aligned with the key goals of Urban Matters. “Like us, they’re working on being catalysts in changing systems by bringing partners together.”

Some of the interesting questions that Urban Matters is currently exploring will be hot topics at the conference, such as how do you pay for systems change initiatives? How do you measure their impact? How do we build partners among groups, some of whom have varying views on pressing topics and issues?

Jody is keen to use this conference as an opportunity to explore those questions and connect with some of today’s top systems change thinkers. “This conference is a great opportunity to learn a lot and make some great connections. I’m so looking forward to it.”

This is Canada’s largest national conference for organizations and individuals who are working for social change and further international development. For more information on the conference and a full speaker list, visit: http://conference2015.ewb.ca/en/

Want more? Stay tuned for a post-conference follow up with Jody and Ken.

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