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Urban Systems will be well represented at the 44th BCWWA Annual Conference

The BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show is British Columbia’s premier water and wastewater industry event. This year two of our professionals, Jeremy Clowes a Water Resources Engineer and Wade Turner Senior Engineering Tech./GIS Coordinator will be presenting at the conference.

Hitting the Refresh Button 20 Years into Kelowna’s Wastewater Master Plan

Urban-Systems-Jeremy-ClowesPresentation by Jeremy Clowes
Monday May 2, 2016

Why update the plan? It covers growth to 2045. How much is really going to change? A LOT. Urban Systems and GeoAdvice updated the City of Kelowna’s Wastewater Master Plan in 2015. The City’s original plan was completed 1997 and identified upgrades for a 50 year planning horizon. From reduced growth projections to improved modeling techniques and advances in treatment technology, a lot changed since the City completed their original master plan. This presentation will provide an overview of the work completed to update the City’s plan and identify the key findings. The main objectives for the update were to:

  • Change modeling software to allow for dynamic solution
  • Update and calibrate model
  • Review most current growth projections
  • Identify costs to address capacity deficiencies over a 50 year planning horizon

Key Learning Points:

  • Good modeling results requires good input data and effective calibration and validation
  • Obtaining City staff buy in and support throughout the project is key
  • Taking a level of service based approach helps to prioritize upgrades

How to Implement Asset Management in a Small Community without Breaking the Bank

Wade-turnerPresentation by Wade Turner
Tuesday May 3, 2016

As part of the exploration to have Sun Peaks Utilities transfer its assets to the Sun Peaks Mountain ResortMunicipality, Sun Peaks Utilities was required to evaluate the state its existing assets. This is something we had been struggling to find a cost effective solution for years.

Sun Peaks Utilities is a private utility that provides water, wastewater, storm and gas services to the community of Sun Peaks, BC. Depending on how you count customers, we service 10,000 people, 1,000 gas connections and 600 water/wastewater/storm connections.

Sun Peaks, Kamloops BC

This presentation will talk about what options we looked at, how we got started and how we went from having an estimated value of $24,000,000 to having assets valued at over $48,000,000. We will discuss how we are tracking the financial deficiencies and the next steps in developing a realistic capital maintenance/ replacement plan, even if the existing assets are not transferred to the municipality.

All of this work was completed with a little help from the people at Urban Systems, a multi-page Excel spreadsheet, a lot of data entry and having our operators track down all the components in the various facilities and distribution and collection grids.

Any small utility that has been struggling with how to start without breaking the bank and buying sophisticated software would be interested in listening to this presentation.

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