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Streetfront Youth Run in Vancouver Marathon

On Sunday, May 6, 58 Streetfront runners completed the Vancouver full and half marathons. Streetfront is a Vancouver School Board alternative education program based out of Britannia Secondary School.

The Foundation team in Yaletown has been supporting Streetfront in a variety of ways for several years, the Vancouver Marathon being just one of them.

“We set up aid stations along the routes to help the kids make it to the finish line,” says Blair Smith. “Catherine Berris, Shannon Knight and I helped the full marathons kids, while Sarah Freigang and Vanessa Kiley helped the halfers.”

“The kids were fantastic and really so cute!” says Catherine. “I was blown away by their efforts. I loved the range from being too focused to stop, to devouring pizza and everything else in sight! It is such a great cause and I feel honoured to have participated.”

A wagon full of supplies were brought to the event. The team thought of everything: a small fold-up table, Streetfront signs, garbage bags, tape, cups, paper towels, and Ziploc bags in case the kids wanted to take an assortment of treats along with them for the remainder of the run.

“We took a ton of junkie good stuff,” says Blair. “M&M’s, Skittles, Gummi Bears, chips, bananas (yuck) and so on.” The youth love getting spoiled with these otherwise unlikely options at such an event. “We brought lots of fluids, too, like Mountain Dew, Iced Tea, and Gatorade to stay chilled.”

Streetfront youth: you are all an incredible inspiration!

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