2018 Vibrant Communities Speaker Series

Edmonton’s Vibrant Communities Speaker Series – Food, Farming and Young Agrarians – August 16

For the summer session of the Vibrant Communities Speaker Series, and in partnership with Eat Alberta, we will focus on holistic management practices in farming as well as the roles we as urban consumers of farm-grown food play in caring for the environment.

When: Thursday, August 16, 2018 6 PM to 8 PM
Where: Roundhouse – Allard Hall, MacEwan University, 11110 104 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB

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Holistic Management is a set of planning and decision-making tools that help people gain a better understanding of nature and the environment, and with making more informed decisions that balance social, environmental, and financial considerations. In farming, it is not only about understanding environmental processes, but also how to mimic the natural relationship between animals and the environment in which they live. This goes beyond sustainability, in fact it is regenerative! In this sense farming grows to become something much more than ‘just’ food production.

The fundamental need for access to healthy food and a healthy environment has always been important, yet we live in a time when neither is guaranteed. We as consumers have an important role to play here. By gaining a better understanding of how our food is produced and how its production impacts the land and the environment, we can support farmers who apply techniques that are socially and environmentally responsible. Together with our farmers, we too become good stewards of the land.

We welcome Ian Griebel of Red Tail Farms, which is located 2.5 hours south-east of Edmonton near Castor. Ian and his wife Dana apply holistic management concepts by using regenerative agriculture techniques that help to improve biodiversity, regenerate the topsoil, improve water quality, capture carbon and much more.

About Ian

Ian, Dana with their 2 boys
Ian Griebel is a passionate farmer and food eater, running Red Tail Farms outside Castor, Alberta with his wife Dana and two sons, Cohen and Fynn. Ian uses holistic grazing methods – rotating his cattle and pigs on grass during the warmer months, and bale grazing during the winter – all while repairing and regenerating the ecosystems that feed his farm. The multi-generation farm’s motto is “Three generations, looking seven generations forward.”

About Eat Alberta

Eat Alberta shares food knowledge and tells the stories behind the people, local ingredients, and techniques to all who yearn to know more. It is a non-profit association, managed entirely by volunteers, with the goal of bringing people together with farmers, chefs, winemakers, foragers, bakers, and beekeepers to learn about Alberta’s food through a mix of small events, classes, multimedia content and the annual conference.

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