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Vibrant Communities Speaker Series – Revitalizing Downtown Edmonton – Video

Two years ago, the City of Edmonton took a risk. Abandoning tradition, they selected an entrepreneur, Brad Ferguson (@EEDC_Brad), as the fifth CEO of Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), the City-owned agency responsible for stewarding economic growth in the Greater Edmonton Region.

On day one, Brad redefined EEDC’s objective: the Greater Edmonton Region is to outperform every other economic jurisdiction in North America consistently over the next 20 years, regardless if the price of oil is $140 or $40. He rebuilt leadership capacity throughout the organization, which is now responsible for Edmonton Tourism, Enterprise Edmonton, the Shaw Conference Centre, the Edmonton Research Park, Make Something Edmonton, Startup Edmonton and — as a joint venture partner — TEC Edmonton.

Economic development is a team sport, powered by a unified voice and a culture of winning. That’s what Brad brings to the job every day.

This segment was filmed on September 1, 2015 and was an interview format talk by Omar Mouallem from The Yards Magazine.

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