Who We are

Urban Matters CCC evolved as a subsidiary company of Urban Systems in 2014. Urban Systems saw an opportunity in creating Urban Matters for more than simple corporate social responsibility. The “community contribution company” (CCC) was incorporated to generate new opportunities and outcomes in the social- and community-service sectors. Urban Matters acts as an innovation hub, working with citizens, municipalities, governments, not-for-profits, NGOs, First Nations, social entrepreneurs and businesses to address complex social issues, like opiate addiction, homelessness, teen suicide epidemics, poverty, climate change — or global pandemics.

As a social enterprise, we “connect the dots and untie the knots” between government, non-profits, and the corporate sector through convening with diverse groups, consulting on policy and strategy, and creating social ventures that respond to identified needs in communities. As a Community Contribution Company (CCC), we reinvest 60% of our profits back into community innovation activities and ventures that scale needed solutions. Our institutional and financial independence give us the mandate, flexibility and agility to embrace uncertainty, innovate where we see true need and potential, and act as first investors in tangible partnerships and solutions.