Who is Urban Systems?

We are community consultants, brought together by our shared values, and a deep commitment to building vibrant communities. Since we were founded in 1975, we have worked alongside municipalities, governments, Indigenous communities, agencies, and private sector clients to make communities the best they can be. We do this through safe and sustainable transportation networks, green spaces, water systems, clean energy sources, and so much more. Our work and areas of practice are constantly evolving—because communities of all shapes and sizes are constantly evolving too.

Our clients are united by a sense of exploration and discovery, so we allow our curiosity for finding personalized solutions for our clients to take us deeper into projects. We assemble interdisciplinary teams from our 18 Canadian branches to create the right fit for your needs. If you live in a community and have a task or challenge in front of you, we’ll work with you to  find a solution – all we need to know is what you’re dealing with today.

We are Urban Systems.

We’re local. We have offices in both small communities and big cities, and a willingness to be present. We like to challenge how ‘local’ traditionally refers to a geographic location—to us, it’s how connected and invested in our communities we become. Local means presence: our people knowing your people.   

We’re built on relationships. Relationships are the foundation of everything we do, and to us, empathy is more than just a buzzword. We’re there with you, all the way. Our interdisciplinary and across-branch teams are a unique web of individuals invested in giving your local project the most skilled and informed perspective possible.  

Curiosity and the pursuit of vibrancy inspires us. This inspiration fuels the spirit that we all bring to our work, work that employs a blend of disciplines and allow us to look at problems from new, revealing perspectives.   

We care. We care about how people live, how they work and how they play each and every day in communities. Because we’re built by people that care deeply, it’s reflected in the work we do.