Comprehensive report

Urban’s team created a comprehensive What We Heard report that summarized feedback from 788 community meeting participants, 22 stakeholder meetings, 331 email submissions, 1,431 online comments and 57 written submissions.

Feeling Heard

Participants reported feeling heard and appreciated as Urban’s skilled facilitators engaged them through activities like nominal group technique, card storming, real-time reporting and democracy.

Task Force Recommendations

The Task Force was able to present their recommendations to the Premier and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing being fully confident that they reflected the perspectives and recommendations of British Columbians.

Communications + Engagement

Urban Systems core team of communication and public engagement professionals support client projects and teams across all our practice areas. Our core engagement team follows the best practices of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) and are trained by IAP2.

Meet the team

Communications + Engagement Consultant
Daylin Mantyka

Communications + Engagement Consultant