61st Ave SW Greenway Corridor Project

Project Description

Partnering with Gehl Studios, Urban Systems developed and constructed the redevelopment of the 61st Ave SW Greenway Corridor – a crucial pedestrian link between the Chinook LRT Transit Plaza and Chinook Centre.

The design emphasized the importance of creating a vibrant and inviting pedestrian experience with new street trees, a landscaped centre median, custom street furniture and walkway treatments, lighting and widened sidewalks. These improvements were also an important investment towards a new street-oriented retail district.

Our team also worked closely with the City of Calgary to ensure that while the emphasis focused on pedestrian and active modes enhancements, an acceptable level of service for motorists was maintained. This allowed them to strike a balance between road safety, traffic operations, pedestrian accessibility, active modes and transit.

Phil Kirkham was a lead engineer on the project, he has written a paper titled Effective Application of Complete Streets Design Principles for Enhancing Pedestrian Safety


City of Calgary

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