Project Highlights

Accessible Parking Requirements

The recommended accessible parking supply requirements exceed those from the previous B.C. Building Code, ensuring a greater supply of accessible parking spaces throughout the community.

Siting and Design Requirements

Requirements for general accessible parking spaces and van accessible parking spaces have both been included in regulations, ensuring that the unique siting and design requirements for each are accounted for.

Universal Access Symbol

Recommendations for use of the new dynamic symbol of access for signs and pavement markings accompanying accessible parking spaces.

Better Together

Urban Systems has brought together three highly skilled firms with diverse focus areas that intersect around the creation of communities that are accessible, healthy and vibrant. Our collaboration with Urban Matters and Universal Access Design is part of an ongoing close working relationship. Urban Matters CCC is an incorporated social enterprise that is a subsidiary of Urban Systems Ltd. Universal Access Design Inc is a for-profit social venture which was started up three years ago with investment and incubation support from Urban Matters, and has been working on collaborative consulting projects with both Urban Matters and Urban Systems since inception. These close relationships ensure that a joint project led by Urban Systems will bring together the best subject matter expertise available for this project in a seamless effort.

Meet the Team

Transportation Consultant
Dan Casey

Transportation Consultant

Community Advisor
Robin Gagne

Community Advisor